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CALM PROFORMER will provide horses with the right amount of energy and nutrients in every mouthful. Free of Oats reducing the risk of tension and ensuring a steady release of energy. Pelleted formula ensuring every mouthful provides balanced nutrition.


BREED AND GROW is ideal for paddock feeding, this highly palatable pelleted feed leaves no powders or waste. Enhanced levels of macro and trace minerals to support bone growth and development. Added silicon for improved bone density. Fortified with a natural source of Vitamin E, proven to support immunity in foals and provide superior antioxidant support to all breeding horses.


COMPLETE PROFORMER is a complete and palatable muesli style feed that contains sufficient energy for horses in light to moderate work. Contains cooked grains, which provide a blend of digestible starch sources, plus vegetable oils for improved coat condition and added fibreWith a touch of molasses, Complete Performer is ideal for fussy eaters, ponies and horses involved in all equestrian disciplines.

EQUIBIX'S low starch, high fibre flakes are the perfect complement to any feed where additional weight gain is required. Cooked high fibre flakes for improved digestibility and healthy gut function, Equibix enhances absorption of essential vitamins and nutrientsContain molasses for improved palatability and feed intake for horses that are fussy, grain sensitive or go off their feed.


THURRA is formulated to meet the demands of active horses engaged in moderate performance work, Thurra is a time proven, dependable, highly palatable, high energy grain mix. Contains a blend of cooked grains for easily digestible starch sources. Added sunflower seeds to deliver enhanced oil content and vegetable oils for good coat condition and increased energy.

Kentucky Equine Research

EQUI-JEWEL is specifically designed to nutritionally support the equine athlete by providing a highly palatable form of additional calories and protein to assist in building muscle, topline and maintaining condition. In a recent scientific study conducted by Kentucky Equine Research the effects of feeding Equi-Jewel and corn oil were compared. During strenuous exercise, horses fed Equi-Jewel had lower lactic acid levels than horses fed corn oil. 

LOW GI CUBE is a low starch fully fortified feed for performance and breeding horses in a highly palatable and convenient cube. Blend of low glycemic energy sources, quality protein, amino acids, vitamins and organic minerals including Zinpro Performance Minerals. Zinpro Performance Minerals have been shown by research to increase bone mineralisation, immune responses, coat quality, and hoof health.