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VERSATILE is a unique low starch, nutrient-enriched all-round feed, to support the health and vitality of leisure, recreational and spelling horses in light to moderate work. Based on stabilised rice bran and rice it provides a range of essential fatty acids and amino acids including lysine and methionine. 
VETERAN is a high protein and high fat feed for sustaining muscle mass, topline and healthy weight of aged, retired and working horses over 15 years old. Tailored nutrients and amino and fatty acids, help maintain strong bones, teeth, joints and hooves. Organic selenium in combination with antioxidants including natural vitamin E and vitamin C, assist in improving immunity and wellbeing.
COOL CONDITIONER is an extremely economical, pelleted cool feed, formulated for recreational riding, competition, conditioning and spelling. Unique “oat free” formulation with rice bran to ensure optimum digestibility with low starch (21%) with a low glycemic index (GI), helps maintain more stable blood sugar and insulin levels.
M is a pelleted cool feed, formulated for horses doing moderate to intense exercise. Naturally occurring rice bran oil for sustained energy, helps to conserve stored muscle energy (glycogen), delaying fatigue Amino acids for muscle strength and development. Anti-oxidants including vitamin E and selenium to protect cells against oxidative damage.
RICE BRAN is a cool, economical, pelleted feed that is intended to supplement equine diets. 100% rice bran pelleted feed to ensure optimum digestibility and minimise digestive upsets. High in rice bran oil and digestible fibre, making it an extremely cool feed for calm, sustained energy without any fizzy behaviour.




PLATINUM is the ultimate grain free feed for performance horses. The fibre based formula will provide the energy needed without the ‘fizz’. No-Grain Platinum contains a balanced blend of minerals and vitamins to ensure optimum health and vitality.
  WeightGain is very specific - to increase body weight and condition. WeightGain is a blend of quality ingredients that will help combine conformation, body condition, brilliant depth of coat colour and a relaxed calm disposition for that show and sale success you desire. As WeightGain is a high fat, high fibre supplement, the incidence of digestive upsets and metabolic conditions are greatly reduced.
PONEYPLUS is a low sugar, low starch feed that has been specifically formulated for easy keepers and horses/ ponies with metabolic conditions. It is a nutritious and filling feed that will provide your equine with good quality protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) and bulk without oversupplying calories, starch or sugars! With less then 1% starch, and 4.3% sugar, it really is the ideal feed for Laminitic horses!!




MAXISOY is a quick soaking, molasses and cereal grain free, super fibre pellet for all horses. Feed smaller amounts for weight loss and larger amounts for weight gain. Maxisoy can be fed dry or wet however is designed to be fed wet and can be soaked with up to 5 times its volume in water. Mix Maxisoy+ with oaten, lucerne or mixed chaff to create a highly palatable and effective forage replacer.