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  ECONOMIX ACTIVE provides safe, cost effective nutrition for competition and show horses, working stock horses, pleasure horses and ponies and spellers in need of conditioning. Steam extruded to unlock the full nutritional value of its ingredients, Economix Active is fortified with oils rich in Omega 3 to provide cool sustained energy.
MUNGA is an economical, palatable, concentrated, low starch, gluten free muesli with no added grains that provides optimum levels of high quality, easily digested protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that provides a balanced ration when fed to suggested levels with adequate roughage. It is ideal for all horses needing more top line and muscle and for sport, show and performance horses that can't tolerate high grain rations.


COOL CRUSADA is a highly palatable muesli style feed, and it is a complete feed, which means you just add fibre and/or pasture. It is nutrient rich with an economical feeding rate, which suits those looking for a total nutritional feed for the sport horse or pony in medium to hard work or competition. And being a cool feed it won’t make your horse fizzy.

BREEDA has been scientifically formulated to promote optimum, balanced growth and to overcome the problems associated with raising young horses on less than perfect pasture. Containing essential amino acids and the positive impact that this has on the development of lean muscle, strong tendons and smooth flat bone.

GUMNUTS is a Highly nutritious, palatable feed, Gumnuts provides a unique balance of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to address the challenges of old age. Omega 3 oils, antioxidants and essential amino acids are provided in a highly digestible form. Gumnuts reduces to a soft mash when water is added.

XTRA-COOL is the ideal choice for horses and ponies in light to medium work and for those horses or ponies that can’t tolerate, or don’t require high energy feeds. Xtra-Cool contains a balanced formulation of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and oils for nutritional support without that heating effect.

SPEEDI-BEET is a low sugar feed, being 95% sugar free. Pure, unmolassed, micronized sugar beet provides a cool, slow release energy source, well digested within the hindgut.


EVERY HORSE WEIGHT GAIN FORMULA is a high fibre, balanced, pelleted feed designed to help increase body condition and muscle development while delivering sustained, safe energy. Johnson’s Every Horse Weight Gain Formula is a cool feed, suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work, competition horses and retired or spelling horses.

HORSE AND PONY FORMULA is a high fibre, balanced, economical pelleted feed designed to deliver sustained, safe energy. Johnson’s Horse and Pony Formula is a cool feed, suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work and retired or spelling horses.

ALFALFA PLUS FORMULA is suitable for all horses and ponies in light, medium or hard work, retired or spelling horses, and breeding and growing horses. Johnson’s Alfalfa Plus Formula has very low starch and sugar levels, which may make it a suitable feed for horses who tie up, or suffer from laminitis, Cushings, Insulin Resistance, Equine Metabolic Syndrome etc.

MARE AND FOAL FORMULA is a high fibre, well balanced, pelleted feed designed to provide a high level of nutritional support to broodmares, foals, weanlings, yearlings, growing horses and breeding stallions.