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EASI PERFORMANCE is a complete extruded non-oat sweet feed for racing and performance horses, Oat free with fully extruded grains for muscle fuel, Rolled in honey for irresistible taste, No extra supplements needed.


OLD TIMER is a maintenance feed for resting, aged and lightly worked horses. Tasty, easy to chew feed for older horses, Readily digestible with excellent quality protein, Organic minerals for easier absorption.

EASI RESULT is an oat free sweet horse feed, scientifically formulated from extruded grains, oils, and fibre to provide a well digested, responsive, but 'cool' energy source without the 'fizz'. Our tastiest feed yet, cool feed for calm, responsive energy, omega oils and quality protein for coat shine and muscle.

BIO MARE is a fully extruded breeding horse cube with a balance of nutrients vital for optimum fertility and milk production in broodmares and sound, strong bone, joint and muscle development in foals and growing horses. Super easy to feed, no chaff or mixing needed, quality protein and organic minerals for fertility and growth. Excellent for horses needing weight gain.

EASI RESPONSE is a fully extruded horse feed with full fat soybean and cold pressed canola oil. Scientifically balanced for working and performance horses.Cool feed for calm, responsive energy, easy to digest, feed less for a great result. No extra supplements needed.

EASI RIDE is a scientifically balanced, palatable and economical pellet, with essential vitamins and minerals. For all your sport horse needs, Cool feed for calm, responsive energyTasty, economical, easy to feed pellet. Omega oils and quality protein for coat shine and muscle.


EASI SPORT is a premium fibre based pellet with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and omega oils, scientifically balanced to feed at low rates for all equestrian horses.High fibre, naturally cool horse feed with no grain or molasses, omega oils and quality protein for coat shine and muscle Low sugar and starch level, suitable for laminitic and tying up horses.


150 PELLETS are a horse vitamin and mineral balancer pellet with 15% protein for breeding, growing, spelling and performance horses. Ideal for high quality pasture conditions. Readily eaten horse pellet that can be fed alone, use to balance other feeds when fed at lower than recommended rates.